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being a sahm.

is crappy. i have never been so wrong in my life when i thought it’d be easy, fun, nice, full of crafts, clean things, sewing, giggles and rainbows. i applied for a job recently and am not sure what i’ll do when / if they say i didn’t get it. i am so over this.

any ideas where i could hide a 2’x1’x1′ foot thomas my son’s grandmother so generously gave him?

he rides it all over – he’s 5!!!!!!!!  it’s loud and clunky and drives me nuts.  i can’t even figure how i’d get it into the trash without him noticing.  it is kinda fun chucking it 10 feet out into the back yard soemtimes though.  dang thing is unbreakable, but makes a decent crash sound when you need to toss something.


it’s time.

so today  i read something and decided it’s time i start my own blog.  my husband frowns on my snarky, sarcastic facebook comments.  but they help me blow off steam.  so i’m gonna just do em here instead.